And so here is this pull this feeling from nowhere and on you like a dozen cracked eggs oozing over your shoes with bright yellow eyes staring up at you that you can’t ignore and it’s all pretty unnatural when you think of it being pulled this way and dipping inside other souls so deep you’re not sure if it’s real yourself and that draw to peak into some life that maybe don’t even exist being so what is it palpable and you start to sweat once you’re inside and you give in and hear yourself free-form words hell whole stories flow out like you’ve been in there your whole life and you stand and move different like with new muscles and you can practically hear people you know telling themselves you finally lost it or they have but you keep on being this new thing and they just stare or step away all awkward and then there’s the ones you don’t know where the bodysnatching thing really zaps you and you’re straddling the edge of most folk’s notion of what real is say once you’re inside a truetolife Confederate soldier or say Neil Armstrong himself sidles up at a pig roast all the while hinting with careful pride at some great deed nobody can say they know until it dawns on them it must be none other than he and even then you get squirrelly eyes bulge and kids come running with cameras and the whole thing gets so stretched it snaps or sours somehow and the pull releases you and you're out again drained as you slip into shadow and maybe vomit from the lack of it.

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